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Daduru Oya

Deduru Oya Reservoir the Large Irrigation Solution for North Western Province

Hon. Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management visited the construction site of the Deduru Oya Reservoir Project. The project site is located within the Maho, Wariyapola and Ganewaththa Divisional Secretary areas in Kurunegala District. The Hon. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva visited the progress of the project activities with the project implementers (Irrigation Department) and Officers of the Ministry. The Political authority in the area also were participated this visit with the Hon. Minister.

The proposed Deduru Oya Reservoir is located in Kurunegala District. It will serve the lands in dry and intermediate zones of Kurunegala and Puttalam Districts, where the people are frequently suffering from water scarcity. Benefits from the Project will uplift the living condition of these people. The Reservoir will hold 75 million cubic meters of water after its completion and it will provide assured irrigation facilities for 11,000 ha (27,500 acres) of paddy lands in the Deduru Oya and the Mee Oya basins benefitting about 15,000 farmer families while about 50,000 families will benefit by domestic water facilities, lift irrigation, and extension of inland fisheries culture etc. The project envisages construction of following reservoir components.

  • Construction of new 2400m long earthen dam
  • Constructions of 2 sluice structures.
  • Construction of concrete spill structure and hydro power station of 1.5 MW.
  • Construction of about 45 km long Left Bank Main Canal, 33 km long Right Bank Trans Basin Canal and 27 km long branch canals.
  • Improvements to minor tanks, which will fed by RB & LB Canals.
  • Providing infrastructure facilities for drinking water, electricity, roads etc. in the resettlement areas.

In addition to above construction works, action has been taken to acquire necessary lands for the project and to resettle affected people simultaneously, which costs around Rs. 1800 million. The total project cost is Rs.6200 million. Initial construction period of the project was from 2006 to 2010.

Project Implementation Strategy

The Irrigation Department (ID) carries out the construction work of the project mainly on force account using departmental machinery as well as hired machinery. Some of the small scale works and supplies are awarded to local contractors. Also, the ID awards some of the specific construction work to specialized contractors / agencies after negotiation.


Yan Oya

Download the presentation here - [ Yan Oya Project ]


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