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Engineering Scientific & Technical Services

General description of functions of the EST branch.

Irrigation department is responsible to investigate, plan, construct, control and maintain water related structures in the country. EST branch is one of the main branch function under the sub department of A.D.G.I (PD & SS). Main objective of the Engineering, scientific and technological branch is to support Director General of Irrigation to assist controlling and developing human power (mainly technical) in the Irrigation department.

The basic functions of all officers perform and, EST branch monitoring are;

  1. Planning: Establishing goals and standards, developing rules and procedures, planning and forecenting .
  2. Organizing: Giving each sub department to a task, establish sub Departments to achieve tasks and delegating authorities.
  3. Staffing: Determining what type of people should be employed, recruiting prospective employees,  setting  Performance standards, evaluating and councling employees for training and development.
  4. Leading: Getting others to get the work done maintaining their morale and motivation.
  5. Controlling: Setting technical, financial and administrative strands, cheeking how actual performance compares with the standards and take corrective methods.

The scope of the functions required when & where necessary are;

  • The appointments: filling carder vacancies, creation of new posts, calling applications, scheduling & setting up job interviews, follow up recruitment procedures with ministry of Irrigation & water management.
  • Promotions; interviews, action on examinations, obtain necessary annual reports etc.
  • Annual Transfers; formulation of transfer schemes, calling for applications, scheduling & implementing annual transfers etc.
  • Performance monitoring; though performance appraisals and facilitate, incentives in time.
    How ever irrigation department is under the restructuring process. Under the government policy of rebuilding public enterprises for better planning, staffing & controlling. With the upgrading process there is a possibility to transfer/ hand over certain functions to other sub departments such as training, management of non- staff grade tech officers etc.
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